Track what is important.

Software Defined Vehicles (SDV), Electric Vehicles (EV), eBikes and eCargo bikes are our future. We need to know more about our present transport to know our needs for the future. Presently we are heading for #EVgate – people are being sold EVs and infrastructure is being demanded for vehicles that are built around old ways of thinking and an unhealthy obsession with range anxiety. There is a cleverer way.

Track via web or app on Android and iOS what is important to you – on 100% renewable energy and a whole new level of flexibility around sustainability, security and reporting

Reporting Tracker

Report & track where your possessions

If there is no service our devices store the data until they do have service and then upload it or use local offload, or go into sleep mode to preserve battery until they do. With redundant servers, devices and networks you get full coverage, all data and all fields can be edited, 3rd party BLE and other devices added: you need to know the ambient, interior and battery temperatures? We got it. Advanced Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetometer readings… you name it!

Smart Notification

Never miss a notification

Real time alerts across all / any channel (in app, SMS, Messaging clients, email, etc.) for any event from movement to temperature, door open, tilt, camera movement, shock sensor… humidity… battery status…you name it we are ready for the new world of EVs, transition to EVs, hybrids and more…


Smarter Vehicle Tracking

We take simple geofencing and ignition based tracking to the next level as we move towards the SDV or Software Defined Vehicle. In simple terms: when a car is moving or out of a geofence it is usually too late for security and many other applications: We can track proximity, movement, door open, as well as camera based identification of people, animals,. etc. inside and outside the vehicle, and facial recognition / threat recognition

Smarter Fleet Management

We can provide multiple network and device solutions for taxi operators, allowing better coverage and more reliable position, movement data, as well as advanced services such as if there are passengers and how many, if the driver is in the car or maybe on a comfort break... the things that make a difference for driver and customer care.

Smarter Vehicle Purchasing - pre EV

See your ACTUAL range and usage requirements - hint, many don't need 300+ mile range and you can probably charge it a handful of times a year from your house socket if you do the average miles we have seen real inner urban dwellers drive!.

Smarter Fleets + Things

Tracking a vehicle most of the time is only part of the picture: People, Places, Parcels... We have added the ability to show how many people are in the vehicle, who is in the vehicle (or not) who is out of the vehicle on a break, other (this info is needed - in the digital economy, drivers need comfort breaks and more) as well as proximity to vehicles, approach to vehicles and proximity of vehicles to key places, which is not always possible with mobile / cellular, but we can use local networks / presence - the days of a geofence being key data for business decisions is over!

eCargo and ebike tracking

Whether you are a consumer or a driver or manager of a fleet ecargo bike, there is a need to be able to route, monitor, track and report the data around the eBike and eCargo bike more effectively, openly and efficiently: This is the reason we started trackergy, as the future's SDV or Software Defined Vehicle includes everything between the EV and the ecargo bike and ebike as well as these themselves.

Bicycle Tracking

We have a very innovative, discreet and easy to install solution coming very soon for non electric bikes. Apart from the security aspect, there is also the alerts for maintenance based on mileage and the environment it was driven in (wet weather increases maintenece requirements) and more.

Trackergy ECOsystem

Get your shared, hosted or dedicated tracking service now, we provide a turnkey service:

The trackers: from Simple OBD2 to integrated

The SIMs: Multiple Networks in country and roaming

The platform: Chose AWS, VPS, On-site, edge routers, etc.

The service: Chose Mobile, Tablet, Smart watch, and more

The Reports: Big data reports with external sensors & data


The client manager app for iOS and Android