Why we made Trackergy?

While building and specifying the next generation of Software defined Vehicles or SDVs; EVs, Hybrids and eCargo bikes, we realised there was a problem: 

  • There are very clever high end IoT providers that are partners and customers of ours, but who need a defined product and scale to be able to justify investing in a solution… and that will not happen until SDVs, EVs and eCargo bikes and their logistics are established. This is still years away
  • There are also companies essentially reselling other people’s existing SIMs, Existing Trackers and various separate middlewares as solutions…. with no ability or desire to prepare for the future…

So how hard can it be? The answer is easier than the first mobile apps and OTA XML settings, but harder than we thought…  There was nobody out there making or at least selling the clever solutions that identify the issues today and will grow with the evolution and scale tomorrow… Everything from more than one battery, more than one battery chemistry, to multiple temperature readings, to advanced entry and monitoring of who / how many are in the vehicle, everything extra was a problem, so we created Trackergy; as you do!

Our Vision

Better tracking platform for everyone.

There are lots of people taking a tracker or trackers from the internet or direct if you are lucky,  SIMs where they can get them, if you are lucky, and a website however they can… We have looked at this differently and provide you the tracker you need, the SIM or eSIM that works for you on the network(s) you need and a platform that just works and all three are integrated.

Our Mission

Easy. Reliable. Reporting big data tracking.

we give you the tools to track what is important to you in a way that just works. and we let you run reports to show this and help you make better decisions about what is important to you. 

We then help you with the difficult stuff, like:

  • Do you really need to replace our existing vehicle / fleet with EVs with 400 mile range, to avoid the dreaded range anxiety when your average journey is 1 mile and drive 3 miles per day? That is the average we have seen for dense urban areas in the UK (country average is slightly higher).
  • Is charging location anxiety really that much of a problem when at 100 miles per month, most EVs will only need charging a handful of times a year…

At the moment there is not only a lack of data driving key decisions that affect our future, but a lack of providers who can capture it


All our services are run on 100% renewable energy and using the most energy efficient systems as well as solar powered trackers