The art of Trackergy

Definition: Trackergy (tracker-gee) (noun)

The art and science of full reporting & realtime information from connected devices and big data services help you make better decisions: Like EV range + weather plus real temps of batteries, BMS, interior, exterior…

Why choose us

We built Trackergy as there was nothing like it out there. There still isn't. Feedback from users and RFPs confirms this. If you want flexible tracking, with multiple devices, multiple cellular and other networks, across all screens and devices, on scalable systems with full disaster recovery and an integrated solution for devices + connectivity + tracking for systems that are growing and changing, or simply not yet defined then come to us. If you then want to move to well defined ISO standard platforms, we have partners for this and will help you migrate.

Unique Proposition

Nobody is doing this, that's why we created Trackergy. Our users, customer proposals we are working on, and our over 2 decades of experience in this space confirm this.

Device Flexibility

Nobody is allowing the mix of devices, networks, accessories to allow both consumers and businesses to track AND report AND evolve the service AND adapt with such flexibility & scalability

Big Data Flexibility

Take the device flexibility and raise it yet another notch - you want historical or future data and predictions against the real data of devices? That's what is needed for future sustainable transport

Systems Flexibility

We could only find professional systems that needed scale and definition already, or simple services built on any myriad of back and front end systems over many years and many employees... We built trackergy from scratch on sustainable cloud, sustainable Virtual Private Servers and sustainable privaye and edge servers.

Service Flexibility

The ever changing world is changing quicker than defined services can keep up. Today's diesel fleet is tomorrow's EV fleet which has gone hybrid, eCargo Bike, eBike and more quicker than typical systems even report this change in usage, let alone find and implement the solution(s)...

Service Scalability

Our systems are built to scale, but also to be nimble. This means we can grow globally with you, but we can never become the global supplier with defined processes and certifications which you may need to grow, as it will stop us being that agile gap in the market... but don't worry, we have Partners for that.

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Progress Tracker

Track your progress with our app.

Realtime progress notifications and data recording are responsive and accurate thanks to multiple sensors and high end gyro and accelerometer data, coupled with multi network cell data and also local networks if required – no slow or “too late” geofences or cheap devices that either don’t sense movement when needed, but do when the wind blows.

Smart Notifications

Never miss an alert. On and Accross multiple Devices

Smart iOS and Android notifications, SMS and email is one thing – but how are these alerts being generated and what are they linked to? 

Geofence alerts are usually too late and too unreliable;  actionable notifications and automated notifications need to be instant AND reliable. With external and internal sensors we look at multiple movement (vehicle, door, perimeter) network (Bluetooth, RFID, Cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa, etc) and optionally camera AI and facial recognition to action not just notifications, but also reliable interactions with other systems from alarms, to video & audio recording, accelerometer and gyro… and more