Thank you for following our journey!

We Had over 10,000 consecutive views at one point, all from the one post on the MVNO Europe Linkedin Page!

It seemed everybody wanted to follow the journey and see cool technology in action, which is why we created Trackergy (well that and nothing out there worked across trackers, tablets, phones, smartwatches, etc, let alone across all the devices we manage on Private 5G networks). So if you want to see the future of tracking, get in touch below

All device Tracking

On Public and Private Networks

We can also track on public and private 5G and 4G networks, as well as legacy networks and other wireless networks

5G, 4G, all G and other frequency tracking

Across all devices: tablets, phones, laptops, all types of trackers, also routers, robots, drones, environmental air and water quality monitors, energy sensors and more

Contact us to see 

On the way there and back timing meant a stopover, so we stayed in the historic market town of Veurne in Belgium. People often forget that the journey is part of any travel experience, and in Belgium it always includes chips and mayo... ironically on the way out the UK passport control queue in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was nearly 3 hours and the trains were down so getting a taxi was an ordeal, and we made it to the event quicker than many flying... 

On the second day we added our own phones which people used to contact us at the networking inside and out of the event!