Land Rover All Models Tracker One Main


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The quickest and most cost effective option: one tracker is placed in the diagnostics port where a thief will look or find any tracker when scanning for a  tracker. Typical services with multiple trackers the extra tracker will show up, however our second tracker is invisible to these scans and will only turn on after a period of time after the first tracker is disconnected. The second tracker we hide randomly in one of many locations in the vehicle so it cannot be easily found, especially as it will not be scannable most of the time. Includes installation in Zone 1 London and first year’s tracking subscription for the two trackers! (£50 per year or £5 per month each, includes SIM plus tracking account. Each tracker requires a SIM + a tracking account). We use the best Quality European made 4G trackers.

Consider a second tracker for better security and peace of mind.


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